Mini Bites

Let’s make toast (gfo)
Sourdough toast
with jam, honey, peanut butter,
vegemite or nutella

Humpty Dumpty eggs (gfo)
scrambled eggs with sourdough toast

Toastie sandwiches (gfo)
ham and cheese toastie, fries, tomato sauce

Fish tails (gfo, dfo)
Battered fish, fries, tartare sauce

Chicken nuggets
Chicken nuggets, fries, tomato sauce

Dim sim cup
3 dim sims, fries, tomato sauce

Mini Drinks

Orange or Apple Juice $4

Milkshake $5.9

Kids Warm Choccie $4
w marshmallow

Babycino w marshmallow $2.5


For today’s assorted homemade cakes
and cookies, please ask your waiter.

Assorted ice creams available.